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Courageous Conversations - Empowered Choices

May 02, 2022 Anne Bland and Sue Jackson Season 1 Episode 5
Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast
Courageous Conversations - Empowered Choices
Show Notes

Season 1 Finale

In this episode we're talking openly about our collaboration coming to an end and what that means for our respective futures. We reflect on the beautiful struggle of  two very different woman entrepreneurs co-creating a business during the global Covid pandemic. We  share the fears we had to overcome, the insights which have changed us for ever, and the celebrations we carry with us.

The key points are

  • The importance of showing up, connection and accountability to another human being when the world we thought we knew appears to be falling apart. We cannot succeed alone.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway. Nothing is ever lost if we choose to take courageous action and participate fully in the experience. 
  • The importance of embracing the beautiful struggle. Pain and emotions must be felt and expressed in order to heal and move forward.
  • We must be CEOs of our own lives first, business second. Empowerment is saying a 'clean' NO rather than a 'dirty' YES.
  • The value of perspective when assessing conventional notions of 'success' and 'failure'.  Every choice we take, every person who travels with us , however long or short the journey,  enriches us and becomes part of our ecstatically empowered journey.

We celebrate each and every guest who has made the Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast such an inspiring, educational and happy journey for us and our listeners. Every episode contains a story of how ordinary people can create extraordinary impact by choosing a life of joy and happiness aligned to their vision and purpose.

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Two co-CEO’s are launching a different kind of a business podcast. Its aim is to disrupt the old way of doing business and inspire a co-creation of a new, more feminine business world.

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Anne and Sue xx

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