Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast

The Feminine Power of Courage

May 10, 2022 Season 1 Episode 4
Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast
The Feminine Power of Courage
Show Notes

In this episode we're talking about the Feminine Power of Courage. How can we use it to create a positive impact through business and why it is so important especially in the post pandemic world?

The key points are

  •  The pandemic has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate business culture and work life balance.  The Great Resignation is underway. People want to live a life of meaning and well-being, even if it means taking a pay cut.
  • Old structures are crumbling. We need a feminine approach to business that supports longer term sustainable business practices and respects the integrity and well being of the individual and teams.
  • Research shows that historically women tend to underestimate their value, skills and contribution to society and  the workplace.  It's time to change the rules and create a new game that allows feminine superpowers of co-creation, collaboration and connection to flourish for the benefit of all.
  • We're at a tipping point. It takes courage to change oneself and to lead positive change for others. Feminine courage is about celebration, appreciation and gratitude
  • Courage needs to be practised and grows when we play and experiment with it.


Two co-CEO’s are launching a different kind of a business podcast. Its aim is to disrupt the old way of doing business and inspire a co-creation of a new, more feminine business world.

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Anne and Sue xx

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